COVID-19 Coronavirus Update
Following the latest COVID-19 announcement from the Victorian Government, Aqua Energy is OPEN with COVIDSafe restrictions in place. More information here.

Current services

Following the latest COVID-19 announcement from the Victorian Premier, Aqua Energy is OPEN under strict limits. Please see details and answers to frequently asked questions below.

We've also included important information about the reopening of all services once Victoria reaches 80% fully vaccinated from Covid-19. Please make sure you read the information below if you plan to visit the facility after 29 October 2021 or once the 80% target is reached.

Is Aqua Energy open to the public?

Yes, we are now back open to the public, but subject to some strict Covid-19 regulations.

How many people are allowed to attend?

We are allowed to have a maximum of 10 people at any one time in the gym (bookings required) and 20 in the indoor pools

What will the opening hours be?

Weekdays 6am-7pm, Weekends and Public Holidays 9am-4pm

How do I book the Gym?

You need to book via Eventbrite here.  

What about Living Longer, Living Stronger sessions?

We will be running one of these classes per day, 10am-11am and an extra class 11am - 12pm Monday's Wednesday's and Friday's. Please book by calling us on 5142 3700.

Can we do outdoor Group Fitness classes?

Yes! Outdoor Group Fitness classes will commence from Monday 27 September to be held in the outdoor pool space.

Classes will be held 6.10am & 5.30pm Monday - Thursday and 6.10am only on Fridays.

Classes will be cardio based and run for 45mins.  We recommend where possible for you to bring your own mat.

Entry is via the outdoor pool gate on Guthridge Pde. Casual fees apply, members free with their membership

No bookings required and a limit of 20 per class.

Do I need to book for the pool?

No bookings are required for the pools (including hydrotherapy use), we will manage numbers at the entrance.

Can I use the change rooms?

The change rooms are not open for use under the restrictions.  You can use the toilet facilities, however showers and the general change room space is off limits.

What services at Aqua Energy are not able to be re-opened at this time?

  • Indoor Group fitness & Aqua Classes
  • Sauna
  • Swimming lessons
  • Teen Gym
  • Indoor recreational (fun) swimming. Due to patron caps, we can only allow lap swimming and hydrotherapy sessions at this time

But it’s school holidays, what about the kids who want a recreational (fun) swim?

Sale outdoor pool is OPEN for a maximum of 50 swimmers at a time. Please enter via the Guthridge Parade entrance, not through the front doors. Opening hours below.

How can we have an outdoor swim in Sale?

Ordinarily our outdoor pools don’t open until the summer swim season. However due to the patron caps on the indoor pools, we will open our Sale outdoor pool weekdays 6am-8am for lap swimming and then 11am-4pm for recreational/fun/lap swimming. On weekends we will be open for this purpose 11am-4pm. No need to book.

When will the other outdoor pools in Wellington open?

We are on-track to re-open these pools for the summer swim season, beginning 26 November.

I have an Aqua Energy membership, what will happen to that?

We have some options available, depending on the type of membership. Please see the information below or call us to discuss your options on 5142 3700.


Direct Debit membership payments will recommence on Thursday 23 September 2021. We will issue a 25% discount for the first fortnight. If you do not wish to return to using the facility at this stage, please complete a Membership Variation Form here. Please make sure it is completed by 5pm on Wednesday 22 September 2021. Anything after this date will have a payment taken out on Thursday.

All up front memberships will be credited for the time we have been closed up to Thursday 23 September.

COVIDSafe Information

Face masks remain mandatory in Victoria, both indoors and outdoors. Please ensure you have one on when attending the facility (unless you are exempt). You may remove your mask when swimming or exercising. When spectating, moving around or leaving the facility you must be wearing a mask.

All adults and children over 10 who are not attending with an adult must sign in when attending the facility. QR code and manual sign in options are available. If you require assistance, please ask our Customer Service staff for assistance.

Indoor and outdoor numbers are limited, so we ask that if you are spectating that you do not attend unless absolutely necessary.

Please ensure you have ID. We are unable to allow entry to anyone from the Greater Melbourne region as per government rules.

Changes to services at 80% fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Under the Victorian State Government Roadmap, we are pleased to be able to reactivate all Aqua Energy services once Victoria meets Phase C, 80% double-dose vaccination status. The current prediction for this target is on or around 29 October 2021.

To open up in this way, we will only be able to admit patrons who, if they are aged 16 or older, are fully vaccinated for Covid-19. This means two doses. For those who cannot be vaccinated, a medical exemption will be required.

Reactivation of services

  • Swimming lessons (parents will be advised on a restart date)
  • Indoor recreational (family) swimming
  • Indoor Group Fitness
  • Teen Gym
  • Full LLLS program
  • Sauna
  • Change rooms will reopen
  • Café services

All services will resume with no bookings required, as well as our usual full operating hours of:

  • Monday – Thursday: 6am – 9pm
  • Friday: 6am - 8pm
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 8am –6pm

Proof of vaccination status

The preferred method for us will be checking into the facility via the QR Code and showing your vaccination certificate at the time.  If you do not have the means to check in electronically, you will need to carry your vaccination certificate with you at all times to show staff at the time you manually sign in.


During the latest restrictions all direct debit members were offered a 25% discount to recognise the restricted hours, facility number limits and reduced programming. Upon reactivation of full services and facility operating hours, all direct debit memberships will revert back to their usual fees, from November 4, 2021.


Covid-19 vaccination FAQ

Do I need to show my vaccination certificate every time I visit?

Yes, you will be required to show staff your vaccination certificate at every visit.  Please be prepared to be asked by staff who may have already seen your vaccination status, however understand that we see many people per day and having various staff working so showing your certificate every time is required.

I have had my first dose of the vaccine but will not have my second until after the indicative 80% vaccinate rate date, can I still attend?

No, you will not be able to attend once we open up further under the 80% vaccination rules, until you are fully vaccinated. If you are a member, we can put your membership on hold until you are fully vaccinated and can attend the facility.

I do not plan to get vaccinated. What does this mean for me?

You will not be able to attend Aqua Energy in any capacity whilst unvaccinated.  This includes if you have children participating in swimming lessons or recreational swimming you will not be able to attend with them, keeping in mind all children under 10 must always have a responsible adult with them. 

If you are a direct debit member, we can cancel your membership for you upon receipt of a cancellation form here and take no further payments.  If you hold an upfront membership, we will organise a refund for the time left on your membership, please contact us to organise this. 

We have a family membership but not all members over 16 yrs will be fully vaccinated, what happens to our membership?

We can either put the whole membership on suspension until all members are vaccinated, or we can remove the members from the membership who are not vaccinated and those that are vaccinated can continue to attend.

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