COVID-19 Coronavirus Update
IMPORTANT (Please Read): The Aqua Energy Leisure Centre will be closed until further notice following the return to Stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions set by the State Government. More information is available here.

There has been some confusion around the Victorian Premier’s announcement for the re-opening of swimming pools. We have been getting plenty of questions, so we’ve answered some of the frequently asked ones below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Premier’s announcement?

The Premier announced the re-opening of outdoor pools that were closed due to Covid-19 regulations. Our outdoor pools were not closed due to Covid-19 regulations. They were closed because it was winter.

Why can’t you re-open the Aqua Energy indoor pools?

Because we don’t yet have permission from the Premier to open indoor swimming pools. We hope this will happen soon.

Why can’t you just open our outdoor pools?

Simply put, they aren’t ready to open yet. Before each outdoor swim season, scheduled maintenance and preparation work is conducted across all 13 outdoor pools in Sale, Maffra, Yarram, Heyfield, Rosedale and Stratford. We also conduct a large recruitment process before the summer swim season to on-board our lifeguards. We can’t open pools without lifeguards.

What kind of work is taking place?

Each pool is drained, cleaned, some are painted, some have repairs, the pools are re-filled and chemical balancing of the water needs to take place to meet health regulations. Some pools also need repairs and work to their toilets, change-rooms and kiosks before they are ready to open.

What about the Sale outdoor pool?

A large project is currently taking place at the Sale outdoor facility, which includes the building of new plant and equipment. This project isn’t scheduled for completion until closer to the beginning of the normal outdoor swim season. Without plant and equipment, a pool can’t operate.

When will outdoor pools be open?

Every year we open our outdoor pools around the end of November, when the weather is warmer and more people want to swim. The same will happen this year and we will give you plenty of notice.

We hope this helps answer some of the questions you have about our indoor pools and the upcoming outdoor swim season. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else you need to know.

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