Concept approved for Aqua Energy redevelopment
Wellington Shire Council has approved the concept design for a multi-million dollar redevelopment of Aqua Energy leisure centre, including a new 25 metre pool and pool hall.
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Sep 1, 2020

Wellington Shire Council has approved the concept design for a multi-million dollar redevelopment of Aqua Energy.

The redevelopment will enable the replacement of the 25 metre indoor pool and pool hall, which is 48 years old. There is also greater need for all abilities access to the entire precinct, which at the moment is limited to only some areas.

Plans for the redevelopment include

  • New 25 metre pool, pool hall and water treatment system
  • New zero depth indoor water play space
  • New 24hr gym access
  • New wet, dry, schools and family change areas
  • New sauna
  • New on-deck swim school office
  • Refurbished outdoor pool change rooms
  • Environmentally sustainability design improvements

Current Status

  • Architects and Council officers are working on the detailed design
  • Project Reference and Control groups have been established and meet on a regular basis for input on the design decisions
  • The detailed design is expected to be complete in June 2022
  • The construction tender is expected to be advertised August/September 2022

Wellington Shire Council Mayor Alan Hall said the new development would not only see the 25 metre pool replaced, but would improve accessibility.

“Aqua Energy is visited around 220,000 times per year, from not only people in Sale but throughout Wellington who come to experience these great facilities,” he said.

“Aqua Energy already caters for every stage of life from babies learning about water safety to our older residents who love the Living Longer, Living Stronger gym sessions and hydrotherapy sessions.

“But wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could do better and provide even more accessibility for those who would benefit from these facilities.”

Among improvements slated for all abilities access include ‘Changing Places’ amenities for older children and adults with high support needs, the elimination of all internal ramps and stairs so that the entire complex is on one level with universal accessibility achieved throughout.

School and member access to and from the precinct will also be improved with an upgraded entry from Guthridge Parade car park.

Estimated cost of the project is $12.9 million, of which $950,000 was been confirmed from the John Leslie Foundation, a minimum of $3 million to be sought through external grants and the remainder to be provided by Council through borrowings and the Capital Works Budget.

A community engagement process will also take place, allowing stakeholders to provide their input into the redevelopment.

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